47 Migliori camera phone cinese nel 2022 (recensioni, opinioni, prezzi)


Sei alla ricerca della migliore camera phone cinese? Non preoccuparti più! Come in questo post, abbiamo elencato i modelli 47 che sono i più votati e apprezzati dalle persone che li usano.

Prima di iniziare, crea un elenco di funzioni che stai cercando in una camera phone cinese in questo modo, scegliere quella migliore per le tue esigenze da questo elenco sarebbe molto più semplice. Non importa quali siano i tuoi requisiti, questo elenco contiene le camera phone cinese che li soddisferanno!

Continueremo ad aggiornare questa guida dell’acquirente una volta al mese o due. Solo per assicurarti di ottenere la camera phone cinese che è la migliore e l’ultima! Quindi dovremmo iniziare?

Le migliori camera phone cinese recensioni nel 2022

1. PINKFONG Singing Phone -App e Giochi


  • Take funny pictures with PINKFONG
  • Let toddlers and preschoolers play safely with dialing
  • Learn numbers from 0 to 9
  • Receive texts from PINKFONG
  • Call PINKFONG in various costumes and themes
  • Easy to save and share pictures
  • Choose among exciting instrument sounds
  • Random surprise calls included
  • Sing along and dance together during the video call
  • Send emoticons, animals, food and more

2. Lapse It Pro • Time Lapse & Stop Motion Camera • Professional -App e Giochi

By Interactive universe

  • Ability to insert sound tracks
  • Unique and blazing fast render engine
  • Capture stunning shots using the camera full sensor
  • Well designed UI improving visual and usability
  • Customizable frame rate

3. PicsPlay Pro -App e Giochi

By JellyBus Inc.

  • Crop, Mirror, Color, Contrast, Saturation and Exposure
  • Add-ons : Text, Painting, Textures, Borders, Vignetting and Stamps as you want to express.
  • Live Tilt-Shift : 3 types of blur effect
  • Support sending to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.(Official apps should be installed)
  • Compare with an original photo anytime
  • Filter effects and real-time control
  • 200 Filters categorized in 10 themes
  • Time Matrix which recommends effect of a particular time’s atmosphere
  • Histogram, Colored Curve, B&W Curve, White Balance
  • Undo & Redo your process up to 10 times

4. Città Telecamere -App e Giochi

By Vast Sky

  • 1、A mobile phone real-time monitoring of the world.Such as the United States, Japan, China, Sweden, France, Australia, Russia, the Netherlands and so on.
  • 4、Spy eye full support for GD or SD mode
  • 2、Real-time monitoring of over 3000 of the world’s cameras, and continue to increase.
  • Be selected according to network conditions and application needs.
  • 3、Scenic remote real-time tour.Anytime, anywhere real-time viewing the beautiful scenery in the world.Including the beautiful buildings, streets, gardens, roads, transportation, schools, snow-capped mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, marine and so on.A variety of beautiful scenery in front.

5. Collage Photo -App e Giochi

By Ysndev

  • ~ Full Feature with layout, free collage and frame collage.
  • ~ Powerful photo editor for square, collage, and color splash blur!
  • especially, the frame collage is a very special effects of ever your see, we trust it will help your got more like in your instagram and etc.
  • ~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size Scrapbook collage maker photo editor to show your owner style.
  • Features:
  • Collage Maker Insta Square Size is very powerful photo editor and everything you could ever want from a photo editor, With Insta Square Photo without cropping on Instagram.
  • Collage Maker Insta Square Size provide the effects of grid collage, frame collage and so on
  • ~ Frame collage maker photo editor, maker collage art.
  • Collage Maker Insta Square Size is an easy-to-use, yet feature-rich app
  • ~ Color photo, Color Splash Blur with tens mag effects.
  • You can use this app to merge lots of photos into one photo through very simple operation.
  • ~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size is quick way for Insta square for Instagram.
  • ~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size have Hundreds of layouts and frame for collage,easy to change background color and patterns.

6. Hologram keyboard 3D -App e Giochi

By Expensive Games

  • Different predefined holographic keyboards
  • Realistic hologram keyboard projection
  • Features of Hologram 3D keyboard Simulator Prank:
  • Entertaining prank
  • Visually stunning effects

7. DailyRoads Voyager -App e Giochi

By DailyRoads

  • Background video/photo capture, with optional buttons over other applications
  • Choose what footage to keep for future reference or as evidence
  • Use it as a dashcam to record videos while you drive
  • Record videos and photos of your journeys from the dashboard of your car
  • Display videos/photos location on a map

8. FotoRus -App e Giochi

By Fotoable Inc

  • * Online Library provides unlimited access to unlimited and cool special effects.
  • * Advanced function- Each frame is editable to create highly customized GIF.
  • * Motion effects – simulate animated effects such as rainy, snowy, night vision, sniper and so on.
  • * Image filters – give your photo or collages gorgeous effects
  • * Borders – many classic borders are supported.
  • * Create GIF through camera, a video clip , or images from photo library.

9. HDR Camera+ -App e Giochi

By Almalence, Inc

  • HDR image fused and tone-mapped with seconds
  • Control of tone-mapping parameters
  • Suppression of ghosting artifacts

10. Smart ID photo -Foto e video

By 无锡乐骐科技有限公司

  • Keep multiple background colors
  • Change the background color of the photo
  • Dig a portrait
  • A variety of clothing templates are optional

11. Fast scanner -Foto e video


  • + Gray Scale type
  • by CAMERA
  • + Documents type
  • – Scan documents, books, receipts..
  • – Multi select to delete
  • – Manage list file
  • – Import pictures from Camera roll, Photo Lib
  • – Filter picture to clear by :
  • – Export to PDF file with multi pages
  • – Crop picture with frame was adjust

12. IP Tracker -App e Giochi


  • Get ISP details
  • Supported Formats-IPv4, IPv6 and Domain Name
  • Get Location of Particular address
  • It may not be accurate.It’s accuracy will be
  • professionnelle
  • Track location with Live Map

13. Pic Collage -Foto e video

By ayoubdev

  • ~ Color photo, Color Splash Blur with tens mag effects.
  • Collage Maker Insta Square Size is Color Splash Effect Photo Editor,lets you color your photos that are turned into Blur Black and White Photos, with tens Insta Mag Color Splash Effects and Color Filter your photos with Gorgeous looking
  • ~ Full Feature with layout, free collage and frame collage.
  • Collage Maker Insta Square Size is very powerful photo editor and everything you could ever want from a photo editor, With Insta Square Photo without cropping on Instagram.
  • ~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size is quick way for Insta square for Instagram.
  • ~ Collage Maker Insta Square Size have Hundreds of layouts and frame for collage,easy to change background color and patterns.
  • You can use this app to merge lots of photos into one photo through very simple operation.
  • Collage Maker Insta Square Size is an easy-to-use, yet feature-rich app
  • You can You can blur splash the entire photo.
  • Features:
  • especially, the frame collage is a very special effects of ever your see, we trust it will help your got more like in your instagram and etc.
  • Collage Maker Insta Square Size provide the effects of grid collage, frame collage and so on

14. zoom cam -Foto e video

By oroapp

  • zoom camera phone binocular

15. Keyboard 3D keys -Foto e video

By Space project games

  • Specifications of Hologram Keyboard 3D keys:
  • – Easiness to master and understand.
  • – Possibility of tapping on your 3D keyboard.
  • – Possibility of showing your keyboard in different colors.
  • – Possibility to mix music with the tapping of your 3D keyboard.
  • – Easiness to install and use.

16. FlashLight Pro -Foto e video


  • Bright flashlight
  • Easy and fast
  • Interface intuitive

17. Worldscope Webcams -App e Giochi

By Kukurin

  • view current weather conditions along with a 5-day weather forecast
  • bookmark your favorite webcams for faster access
  • save time-lapse images in the background automaticaly in specified intervals
  • point anywhere in the world and discover nearby webcams

18. Photo Magic Effect Lab -App e Giochi

By 1991

  • Fast and robust adjustments tool let you easily bring out the best in your photos
  • Advanced selection tools (marquee, lasso, magic wand)
  • 17 beautiful frames gives a final touch to your photos
  • More than 50 Flower crown sticker, heart crown sticker, cat face sticker, dog face sticker and heart/bird effect and eaisy Sharing with your friends, family and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more social apps
  • Full layer controls with 18 layer blending modes
  • Amazing set of Animated, Decoration, effect, Color and Artistic brushes to add unique touch to your photos
  • 3D Pixel and Shattering photo effects & layer editing
  • Gradient fills tools (linear, radial)
  • 30+ handcrafted effect brushes to edit any part of your photo with a finger
  • 16 carefully designed filters, including amazing spotlight filters
  • Super smooth cropping tool with 5 presets

20. Rage Meme Camera Free -App e Giochi

By Gem Studios

  • – Annullare e ripristinare le modifiche.
  • – Effetto Macchina fotografica Polaroid.
  • – È possibile condividere le foto tramite e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr o Bluetooth.
  • – Ruotare e ingrandire il viso dei troll.
  • – Aggiunta di testo.
  • – Ruotare le foto.
  • – Dispone di 40 dei più popolari rabbia / meme / troll facce.
  • – Salva fumetti direttamente sulla tua Galleria.
  • – Modificare il colore del viso dei troll.

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21. Super Snake -App e Giochi

By zapDroid

  • Eat apples to help your snake grow without colliding against itself
  • Play this classic snake game with a couple of extra twists
  • Beat your high scores and get to the top of the leaderboard

22. selfie, beauty cam -App e Giochi

By jarom

  • So you always look and feel beautiful with Candy Camera’s filters!
  • Candy Camera’s filters are shown real-time while you take a selfie,
  • A diverse range of filters, designed specifically for selfies –
  • Swipe left and right to change between filters,
  • And find the perfect beautifying filter for a selfie!
  • Every Candy Camera filter will make your skin look amazing!

23. Binoculars Simulation Pro -Foto e video

By Ori Tech

  • Share images on social media.
  • Free Binocular app for android phone.
  • Single lens & double lens mode.
  • Simple binoculars HD.
  • Binocular free app.
  • Zooming objects with HD camera.

24. LED Mobile Torch App 2016 -Foto e video

By Top New Apps 2016

  • Unique design
  • Fully secure and privacy for you
  • For devices without LED flash – uses a screen light like a torch
  • 2 different Flashlight Sources
  • Energy Saving
  • Camera LED light
  • Switch off by just pressing the power button
  • Quickly Switch Off the Flashlight
  • Screen light
  • Works when screen is off or locked
  • Quick launch
  • Simple & Easy to Use Interface
  • Super-Fast, no background Security is needed

25. WebIt : Search in Google and internet By Images -Foto e video

By App2Mob

  • * Safe search : Filter sexually explicit content
  • * use of the application browser or phone browser
  • * Search directly from the application or choose the application through share of any image
  • * search engines ( google – Baidu …)

26. VD Video Trimmer & Cutter -Foto e video

By Techo Asia

  • – Real video editor with music trimming.
  • – A hd video trimmer has best features.
  • – Low size video cutter and editor.
  • – 2016 new video cutter and joiner.
  • – Best video cutter free app.
  • – Unique video editor beautify video.
  • – Support all formats – 3gp, avi, mpeg, .mpg, .mpeg , .mpe, .m1v, .m2v, .m2t, .tod, .mp4, .m4v, .wmv, .as
  • – The best free video cutter for android.
  • – Install now free video trimmer and editor.
  • – Install & experience best mobile video cutter.

27. Close Up Sounds and Ringtones -Foto e video

By Ivyboat Entertainment

  • The best free sounds!
  • Save as ringtones!
  • Save as alarms!
  • Save as notifications!
  • Customize your device!

28. Camera Phone Sounds & Rings -Foto e video

By Ivyboat Entertainment

  • Save as alarms!
  • Customize your device!
  • Save as notifications!
  • The best free sounds!
  • Save as ringtones!

29. Neon Light -Risparmio batteria

By Soft Informative Technology

  • Camera Lamp Light – Uses your phone’s camera Light to emit bright light.
  • very small size App
  • very useful application
  • find your lost keys, toys, TV remote, watch, wallet, in dark
  • Full time fun & entertainment
  • Emergency use
  • use it in dark (room, washroom, house, street), when there is no light
  • LED flash Light

30. Mobile phone information -Risparmio batteria

By SharpSol

  • – Memory: Ram (Internal Used memory and free memory) and external used memory and free memory
  • – CPU: cores, instruction sets, Processor board, frequency
  • -Camera: No of cameras, bake camera resolution, Flash, Supported zoom, Supported pictures
  • -Show all installed apps
  • -Sensors Types, vendor, version, resolution, max range, power
  • – Battery: technology, health, level, status, temperature, voltage
  • – Display: resolution, density, refreshes rate, Absolute width and height,
  • – Device model, manufacturer, version, IP address, product name, Build ID, fingerprint, SDK version

31. MivaLife -Risparmio batteria

By MivaTek International Inc.

  • Video Share: If an event occurs, a 5-second pre event/25-second post event video clip will automatically be captured
  • The app provides three layers of control: The owner, Authorized users (typically family members), and Emergency contacts (friends, neighbors, etc).
  • You can even send video clips of the event to your family, friends, or even the authorities.
  • You can also put the system in ‘stay’ mode when you are home to disarm the motion detectors and cameras while leaving the doors and windows in ‘armed’ mode.
  • Multi-Location Monitoring: Our mobile app let’s you monitor multiple locations at the same time from a single mobile device
  • 24/7 E-mail and Push Notifications: When an event occurs, you and your authorized users will receive e-mail and push notifications alerting you to the problem
  • You can send this video clip to the authorities as an alarm verification to help them identify the perpetrator
  • So you can monitor your own home, a vacation home, and even check in on a loved one that lives far away.
  • You can also forward the video clip to your insurance company to prove that an event did occur.
  • Multi-Tier Control: Our mobile app allows you to give access to the system to friends and family, so your home is always protected even when you are away
  • Mobile Arm/Disarm: Our centralized control system enables you to independently arm or disarm the system right from your smartphone using the mobile app

32. Featurephone Camera -Risparmio batteria

By Linever Corporation

  • You can set the size of the photo by the size of the featurephone or the size for posting to SNS.
  • You can select a photo from the gallery(the photo that was not taken by “Featurephone Camera”) and reduce it.
  • without nothing.
  • Reduce a photo of the gallery in the terminal
  • Reduce a photo automatically and send it
  • As the photo taken has already been made to adjust for the feature phone, you can send it to a feature phone user

33. FlashLight -Risparmio batteria


  • Interface intuitive
  • Bright flashlight
  • Easy and fast

34. Voicephoto Camera -Risparmio batteria

By 毛新宇

  • Scattare foto con commento vocale.
  • Registrare la voce, 0 s 5s 10s 15s supportati;
  • Supporto fotocamera registrazione vocale, il ritardo, zoom, bilanciamento del bianco, effetto colore e modalità di scena diversa;
  • Ritardo allo scatto, 0 s 5s 10s 15s sostenuto;
  • Facile da usare, si può scattare una foto con il tocco dello schermo di anteprima;
  • Multi lingua di sostegno;
  • Sbloccare le funzioni della fotocamera del dispositivo;
  • Attaccato con una galleria fotografica voce

35. App2Find – GPS Friend Tracker -Risparmio batteria

By Firm2Find

  • Augmented-Reality Camera
  • Follow your friends and family
  • Google Maps based map
  • ready to use after installation
  • Customize the profile of your followers

36. iD Shoot -Risparmio batteria

By smilkobuta

  • Even any number of ID photo of different size can be made from one picture.
  • You can define your own sizes.
  • You can edit photos by size adjustment and color adjustment (brightness, contrast, saturation).
  • Shooting of a black-and-white picture is also possible
  • For resume, passport, and for any size
  • A picture taken with the digital camera can be taken in and trimming of the face can be carried out.

37. VIU² -Risparmio batteria

By Option NV

  • No need for an existing internet connection
  • Online storage keeps video secure and accessible anywhere
  • Easy to install and use mobile broadband video camera
  • Be immediately alerted when motion or sound is detected
  • Invite your friends to access your camera and clips
  • Save clips of events in your personal space in our cloud service

38. Foozer (Photo Album Organizer) -Risparmio batteria

By Limon Solutions

  • Hide complete albums
  • Share on Facebook and Whatsapp (if available)
  • Create albums
  • Use your city name as album name (perfect for tourists)
  • Shot new photos directly in your albums
  • Voice search of albums
  • Move photos & videos

39. picAdraw -Curiosità


  • draw on picture
  • Take pictures
  • post to facebook

40. Foozer Free (Photo Album Organizer) -Curiosità

By Limon Solutions

  • Share on Facebook and Whatsapp (if available)
  • Create albums
  • Shot new photos directly in your albums
  • Use your city name as album name (perfect for tourists)
  • Voice search of albums
  • Hide complete albums
  • Move photos & videos

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41. Zviewer -App e Giochi

By zmodo.com

  • PTZ Control
  • Playing Video
  • Image Capture
  • Switching Channels
  • Manage Devices
  • Switching Display Modes
  • Switching Devices

42. PhotoFun Pro -Curiosità

By keyspice

  • 100 funny and photorealistic graphics elements
  • Ads-free

43. SnapDish Food Camera -Curiosità

By Vuzz Inc.

  • To make sure that your dish photo looks delicious, photos can be ‘cooked’ easily using “Rare”, “Medium”, or “Well-done”
  • Even hazy, dark and unappetizing dish photos can be processed to look delicious
  • Blur photos as if it’s been taken with an SLR.
  • Multiposting to Facebook, Twitter(Photobucket/Twitpic), Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, Blogs(WordPress.com) and specified email address
  • ‘Yummy!'(like), Resnap (Republish), and post comments to interact

44. AR Camera 3D -Curiosità

By Fenice Software

  • share to gallery
  • open 3D Object
  • augmented reality
  • move, rotate, zoom 3D Object
  • take photo with the camera

45. AR Camera 3D Lite -App e Giochi

By Fenice Software

  • share to gallery
  • open 3D Object
  • augmented reality
  • take photo with the camera
  • move, rotate, zoom 3D Object

46. HD Panorama+ -Curiosità

By Almalence, Inc

  • High resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 360 degree panorama (only limited by available memory)
  • Fast and smooth panorama stitching

47. HD Panorama -Curiosità

By Almalence, Inc

  • Easy to use
  • Fast and smooth panorama stitching
  • Up to 360 degree panorama (only limited by available memory)
  • High resolution

I migliori marchi camera phone cinese in Italia

Una delle cose che suggeriamo alla maggior parte dei nostri lettori è quella di acquistare la camera phone cinese da un marchio noto. Buoni marchi forniscono, prodotti di buona qualità, ottimo supporto clienti e hanno centri di assistenza in diversi luoghi del paese. Per quanto riguarda camera phone cinese ho una preferenza per i prodotti dei marchi elencati di seguito.

Il miglior camera phone cinese – Guida dell’acquirente 2022

Ci sono alcune cose che dovresti considerare quando acquisti una camera phone cinese. Abbiamo trascorso 60 ore alla ricerca delle cose più importanti che dovresti considerare quando acquisti una camera phone cinese. Quindi dovremmo iniziare con l’elenco delle cose che dovresti considerare?

1. Budget e corrispondenza dei prezzi

Fai un elenco delle cose che vuoi nella tua camera phone cinese e il prezzo che sei disposto a pagare per questo. Quindi prova a cercare un prodotto in quella fascia di prezzo e scegli quello che ti attrae di più. Un suggerimento che vorremmo darti è: non accontentarti di un prodotto più economico se non ha nemmeno una funzione di cui hai bisogno.

La maggior parte delle camera phone cinese rientrano nell’intervallo di prezzo compreso tra 0,72 € e 3,99 €. Pertanto, se il budget non è un problema e desideri il prodotto migliore per le tue esigenze, ti consigliamo di scegliere il JellyBus Inc. – PicsPlay Pro. Se vuoi qualcosa di medio raggio, scegli smilkobuta – iD Shoot. Se hai un budget molto basso, puoi scegliere quello che è il Voicephoto Camera

2. Ha tutte le funzionalità di cui hai bisogno?

La cosa più importante è che la camera phone cinese che stai acquistando dovrebbe avere tutte le funzionalità che stai cercando. Nel caso in cui non ne abbia nemmeno uno, non comprare! Lo stiamo dicendo perché non sarai in grado di usarlo a tale scopo. Se sei una persona senza problemi di budget, ti suggerirei di scegliere il modello migliore che è PicsPlay Pro.

3. Il marchio

L’acquisto della camera phone cinese da un marchio rispettabile può effettivamente avere senso. Non solo sarà migliore di altri in termini di “qualità costruttiva”, ma avrà anche alcune funzionalità extra, un migliore supporto clienti. I marchi famosi hanno più centri di assistenza in tutto il paese, quindi in caso di problemi puoi semplicemente portare la tua camera phone cinese in uno dei loro centri di assistenza.

4. Questioni di garanzia!

Quando acquisti una camera phone cinese da un marchio noto, otterrai una garanzia. Anche i prodotti a basso costo vengono forniti con garanzie, ma il processo di rivendicazione potrebbe essere più duro. Ecco perché ti suggerisco sempre di acquistare il prodotto da un marchio di fama e quello fornito in garanzia. Ti risparmierà in futuro dai costi di riparazione. In media, circa il 21% delle persone finisce per pagare il 40% del prezzo del prodotto per il servizio! È possibile risparmiare sui costi di assistenza se il prodotto è in garanzia!

5. Controlla il nostro sito Web

Sul nostro sito Web abbiamo esperti in tutte le categorie e non importa quale sia il prodotto, abbiamo una recensione o l’elenco migliore su di esso. I prodotti nella nostra lista si basano su scelte di esperti, consigli e ore di ricerca. Ecco perché quando acquisti qualcosa che è elencato nella nostra migliore lista, non te ne pentirai. Tuttavia, c’è la possibilità che potremmo non aver coperto il prodotto che ti potrebbe interessare, ma se ti imbatti in qualcosa del genere, faccelo sapere tramite commenti o contattaci.

Domande frequenti

Qual è la migliore camera phone cinese?

La migliore camera phone cinese è quella che ha tutte le caratteristiche che soddisfano le tue esigenze. Penso che il migliore sia PicsPlay Pro

Ci sono buoni affari su camera phone cinese?

Nel mercato offline, non troverai molte offerte. Tuttavia, ho scelto la migliore camera phone cinese e ho aggiunto collegamenti ad Amazon che ha affari e offerte in esecuzione su base regolare.

Qual è la camera phone cinese più economica?

Sebbene la maggior parte delle camera phone cinese più economiche non abbiano molte funzionalità, ma se stai cercando la migliore a basso costo, la mia scommessa migliore sarebbe su Voicephoto Camera

Da dove posso acquistare la camera phone cinese?

Esistono diversi luoghi in cui è possibile acquistarlo, ma secondo me, quando si tratta del mercato online, non consiglierei altro che Amazon. È perché il loro servizio è fantastico!

Perché dovresti fidarti del nostro sito Web?

Siamo stati nel settore delle recensioni per più di 15 anni e il nostro motivo è aiutare le persone ad acquistare i prodotti più votati al miglior prezzo. Abbiamo consultato 60 per aiutarti a trovare la migliore camera phone cinese

Il verdetto

Speriamo che ti siano piaciute le camera phone cinese che abbiamo elencato nel nostro migliore elenco. Se è stato utile, aggiungi il nostro sito ai segnalibri e condividerlo con le persone che conosci ogni volta che intendono acquistare qualcosa.

Per concludere questa guida,

  • Se stai cercando la migliore camera phone cinese: dovresti prendere in considerazione l’idea di PicsPlay Pro
  • Se vuoi quello che ha caratteristiche simili alle migliori, allora dovresti considerare iD Shoot
  • Se desideri una camera phone cinese che sia “value for money”, scegli PicsPlay Pro
  • Se vuoi la camera phone cinese più economica, allora Voicephoto Camera dovrebbe essere la migliore per le tue esigenze!